Hard Rock

Story by Deborah Bennett

Looking out across the sweaty crowd swaying in unison, she plucked her guitar, swinging her hair out of her face, and strummed the last chord of the band’s biggest hit. She was gagging to get off the stage and drink a beer. The drunken crowd cheering for another encore wasn’t energising her tonight. Backstage Pass had been on the road for 18 months. Cassie was ready to go home.

The band stumbled off the stage into the passageway which led to the greenroom. Cassie pushed past the pouty, short skirted girls lining the walls, waiting for one of the guys to invite them to the after party. Being the only female in a successful band had its drawbacks; there were rarely any male groupies to play with. Occasionally one would gather the courage to come and play but they were always disappointing.

The girls who threw themselves at the three guys in the band were eager to please, ready to tease and were incredibly sexy. The guys were full of bravado and promises to ‘take her places she’s never been’. ‘Believe me,’ she’d tell them. ‘I’ve been there before.’ But still, they’d try to dominate, fuck her like a jackhammer until she’d fake an orgasm, then fall asleep. All she wanted was a man who would let her lead.

Rowdy and ready to party, the rest of the band were hyped after the last gig of the tour and, as soon as they were safely in the backstage bar and security were scarce, pulled out the party supplies and shouted to the bar tender to line up the tequilas.

The rule was that the first drink was band only. They’d cheers, congratulate each other and then bring in the crew and the groupies. Cassie could drink as well as any of the guys; she’d been on the road as a muso since she was 17. Now 28, she was a seasoned drinker, guitarist in one of the world’s most famous rock outfits and she could party harder than any of the great rockers. Tonight, though, she wanted to play.

“Come on, Cass!” Dean the drummer drawled with a smoke hanging out of his mouth. “I got us that Absinthe you love!”

Cassie was never one to turn down Absinthe, so she didn’t. The alcohol took effect immediately and she felt warm, relaxed and unbelievably horny.

The doors opened and the crew flooded in grabbing beers from the bar and making the place look untidy. Bless them, Cassie thought. They work so hard. There were always enough drinks and playmates to go around so they never missed out.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the flood of females who came giggling into the room. Let the debauchery begin, she thought.

The guys and girls circled each other and Cassie stood back amused, wondering who was chasing who. She wasn’t adverse to groupies. In fact, she’d been known to have some amazingly hot nights with backstage girls. They made the usual male groupies seem bland in comparison. Besides, sometimes she had a craving for pussy. She loved the taste of a girl on her lips and she loved women’s bodies. Tonight, though, she felt like cock.

She scanned the room. Mitch, the singer already had two women. He was kissing a blonde who was sitting in his lap. He had his hand in her blouse; she had magnificent tits and Mitch seemed to be enjoying them too. The other woman, a redhead, was sitting at his feet running her hands up and down his legs, salivating at his growing hard on and waiting for her turn at his lips.

Max, the bassist, was at the bar, drink in hand; looking sour. Max had recently married his high school sweetheart and when he was on tour, had to field an onslaught of calls and messages from her, asking him what was going on, accusing him of lying about it and daring him to do it anyway. Cassie felt for him. He was entirely faithful but the newlywed was being driven towards the hungry women surrounding him because, well, he was already on trial, he may as well commit the crime.

A shapely brunette shyly stood next to Max and ordered a vodka and soda. She turned and smiled at him. She looked slightly uncomfortable, as if she didn’t want to be there either – probably friends or with or the sister of one of the girls who was currently competing to take a souvenir from the number one band in the country. Max looked quite pleased to have the company and the two slipped easily into conversation. Cassie smiled. They’re totally going to fuck tonight.

Off to the side of the backstage bar was a room with a curtain drawn. They were pretty common in venues like this one; an orgy room and, frankly, the best place to be if you didn’t want to make polite conversation with anyone. Cassie didn’t want to make conversation so she headed into the curtained room and found a quiet spot to drink.

The room was decorated in different shades of red and black and had lounge chairs and tables. There were bottles of champagne, platters of food, and sex.

The party hadn’t wasted any time and there were already people in there. Cassie sat and watched as two girls kissed and undressed each other for Dean’s enjoyment. He looked over and winked at her, then turned back to the girls. Cassie was just one of the boys to them. She liked it that way. They didn’t curb any of their behaviour for her.

One of the girls, with raven black hair, sat in Dean’s lap as a tall blonde knelt in front of her, lifted her skirt and started to lick her soft, wet pussy. Cassie watched as the Dean played with her clitoris while the blonde licked his fingers. Her long legs spread, revealing her naked cunt which was getting wetter the more she enjoyed her meal. Cassie was tempted to sneak up behind her and devour her delicious looking cunt.

“You like to watch?” a male voice growled beside her.

Oh god, here we go, she thought. Another wanker wants to show me how it’s done.

“Why, don’t you?” she mused.

The man moved around in front of her. He had beautiful dark skin, dark eyes and thick black hair. He seemed unfazed by the sex quickly filling the room. The band had a reputation for wild post show sex parties, but this man seemed entirely focused on Cassie.

“I’d like whatever you want me to like,” he said, kneeling down in front of her. “You were incredible on stage and I’d like you to be my Queen tonight.”

Cassie felt a rush of arousal. She slowly lifted her leg, putting her spike heel onto his shoulder. He kept his head down, despite her parted legs revealing black lace panties. Tilting his chin with her toe so he looked at her, she purred, “Will you worship me?”

“Yes,” he said earnestly.

She leaned forward in her lounge chair, pushing her tingling cunt toward his face. He took a deep breath but didn’t move. She moved closer until his lips were touching the soft lace next to her freshly waxed skin. She felt his quivering breath on her. She could have orgasmed in that moment. Finally, she thought. I’ve found a plaything.

Cassie moved her finger into her panties and deep inside herself. Sliding out her wet finger, she ran it over her toy’s lips. He licked his lips but sat still; obedient.

“Do you want more?” she demanded.

“I want all of you, my Queen.”

“Make me cum,” she commanded, slipping her miniskirt up and her underwear down.

Her slave didn’t waste any time, pulling her legs toward him and burying his face between her legs. Hungrily, he licked and sucked her as she writhed with pleasure. Wetting one finger, he found the right spot and she arched her back, ready to orgasm. Sensing her build to climax, he slid in a second finger, crossing them and letting his knuckles go to work on her g-spot. She was in heaven. Just as she was about to explode, he heightened the intensity by nibbling her clitoris. She came hard in his mouth and he devoured her pleasure.

Leaning up to kiss her, his strong, muscular body surrounded her and she melted into him. The taste of her orgasm filled their mouths as their tongues danced together.

She was suddenly aware she was being watched. The two girls who had been playing with Dean had moved closer to them, leaving Dean to tend to a different girl who was giving him a lap dance.

The girls were naked. Their beautiful bodies looked even sexier in the dim light of the curtained room. Without words, they approached Cassie, taking off her top and bra, then turning to the man and removing his clothes to reveal the sexiest torso she’d ever seen.

“Lay down,” she instructed the man.

Obediently, he lay on the floor, naked and hard.

“Please him,” she told the girls who nodded and began to share his cock. He groaned. The girls ran their tongues up and down his shaft, kissing each other and enjoying his massive hard on. One stroked and licked his balls while the other took the length of him in her mouth. As they took turns to slide him between their tits, Cassie ran her breasts across his face and into his mouth. His tongue danced across her skin and his strong hands kneaded them gently, his thumbs teasing her nipples playfully.

Straddling his body, Cassie moved down towards his cock. The girls turned their attention to her now.

Taking one breast each, they licked and played. Cassie took her toy’s erection and guided it inside her. He gasped but she warned him. “Don’t cum until I’m ready.”

 The girls were on either side of her so Cassie slid a finger from each hand into both girls, fucking them with her hands in time with the thrusts up and down his cock.

He closed his eyes and cried out in ecstasy. She stopped. The girls whined and begged her to keep going.

“Watch us,” she commanded. “I am your Queen. Worship me with your cock.”

Grinding, thrusting and fucking his cock, he watched as Cassie rode him. The girls took turns kissing her, touching her body and each others’ while they enjoyed her finger fucking them.

Getting close to another climax, Cassie felt powerful and overcome with desire.

“Now!” she cried.

The four erupted in orgasm. The man unleashed his cum inside her and all three women came in unison, their hot cum running down Cassie’s skin and the man’s pulsating cock.

Finally, Cassie had found what she was looking for. To be worshipped, obeyed and fucked.

Kissing each of the girls goodbye, she climbed off the man, winked at him, got dressed and headed past the curtains for another absinthe.


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